Opinion: "Would You Rather Have Cheney in Three Inch Heels?" Ramaswamy Asked Republicans

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The 3rd GOP Primary Debate Was Actually Worth Watching Thanks to Ramaswamy Despite Trump's Absence

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Somehow, the 3rd GOP Primary Debate was entertaining and worth the watch, even without the Republican party’s most popular candidate. When Vivek Ramaswami was asked why he should be the Republican pick over Donald Trump, he didn't hold back. He called out the GOP leader and the party itself for choosing Kristen Welker as the host, questioning if the Democrats would ever hire someone like Greg Gutfield. He went on to slam Welker for her Russian collusion narrative, putting her on the spot. Her response? Just a smile, no words. Ramaswami wrapped it up by saying accountability is the way to get our country back. That moment's gonna be in the political history books, no doubt. Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley gave your typical answers, but when it was Vivek's turn, he dropped truth bombs that made the room stand still.

Then there's Chris Christie, who you could've guessed wouldn't have much to say after Vivek. And surprise, he didn't. Can't even remember what he mumbled; his opinion's just that irrelevant.

Last up, they asked Tim Scott why he thinks Donald Trump can't win. His answer painted a pretty picture about America returning to its roots in judeo-christian beliefs, but he kinda dodged the question, not a strong start.

The next question was about the Israel war. Ron DeSantis, he put his boots down, backed Israel, and labeled Hamas as terrorists. He went further, talking about how little Biden did for our folks overseas and bragged about saving 700 lives or bringing them back to the Sunshine State. Nikki Haley chimed in with more of the same, minus the actual saving lives part.

Then, Vivek Ramaswami, delivered another epic answer. He made it clear he's got Israel's back, saying they have the right to protect themselves, but he threw in a twist, mentioning they also have the responsibility to do so, just like we do. He cracked a joke about wanting "Dick Cheney and 3-in heels," pointing to Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley, leaving everyone nodding in agreement.


The first half-hour of that debate was owned by Ramaswami, setting the bar high. Chris Christie, well, he did his usual useless dance with irrelevant answers, and Tim Scott, bless his heart, couldn't keep up with Ramaswami's knowledge and courage to say what needs saying. Nikki Haley seemed more about her own agenda, and while DeSantis might be a leader in Florida, the presidency might be a stretch. Ramaswami hit the nail on the head - the Republican party needs a serious introspection.

I won't drag you through the rest of the debate details because that very first answer was pure perfection. But it's crystal clear we need a change. What we've got now is either depressing or downright catastrophic. People need to step up and get involved in the politics shaping their lives. If you ain't doing it, who is? Lately, trust seems to be a rare commodity in the political arena.


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