Did a whistleblower just say the U.S. recovers extraterrestrial craft in an exclusive interview?

Ashleigh Nicole

Screenshot of exclusive interview stating "intelligent officials say us has retrieved craft of non-human origin"Photo byThe Debrief

In an age where information flows freely, it is intriguing to come across stories that seem to lurk beneath the mainstream radar. One such story took the form of an exclusive interview that appeared on The Debrief on June 5, 2023, former Department of Defense (DoD) official, John Grusch, claimed that the United States has recovered and is exploiting physical materials from unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs), otherwise known as UFOs, of non-human origin​. This information was reportedly concealed within "legacy programs" of multiple agencies, hidden within conventional secret access programs without proper reporting to oversight authorities.


Grusch, who once served with the UAP Task Force, has made startling revelations about a clandestine "Cold War" that has spanned decades. According to Grusch, this covert conflict wasn't between nations over territories, but a race against time and against unidentified competitors for something far more enigmatic – the recovery and exploitation of materials from crashed or landed UAPs​​.

Facing The Backlash

However, these revelations didn't come without a price. Grusch claims he was targeted and harassed due to his investigation, which was deemed illegal by some as it was shielded from proper Congressional oversight​1​. Yet, these threats didn't deter him. In fact, Grusch left the government in 2023 to further promote government accountability through public awareness​​.

Corroboration and Support

Grusch's claims weren't standalone assertions. His accounts were supported by his colleague, retired Army Colonel Karl Nell, who also worked on the UAP Task Force. Furthermore, Grusch's credibility has been vouched for by numerous sources within intelligence circles​​.

Whistleblowing and Its Consequences

Grusch was represented by Charles McCullough III, a senior partner of the Compass Rose Legal Group and the original Inspector General of the Intelligence Community. McCullough filed a Disclosure of Urgent Concern(s); Complaint of Reprisal on behalf of Grusch in 2022, detailing information Grusch had gathered while working for the UAP Task Force​​.

Despite the consequent retaliation and reprisals Grusch faced, certain information obtained during his investigation couldn't be shared with Congressional staffers due to their lack of necessary clearances or appropriate investigative authority​.

The Road Ahead

Despite the silence from mainstream media, the revelations brought forth by Grusch have set the ball rolling. The National Defense Authorization Act for FY2023 tasked the Secretary of Defense with establishing a secure mechanism for reporting sensitive information related to UAP​​.

Final Thoughts

Despite the profound implications and corroborating evidence, the mainstream media has largely overlooked this story. Only a handful of platforms, including Tucker Carlson and the show Redacted, have provided additional coverage. The limited media attention raises pertinent questions about the nature of news coverage and the factors influencing reporting decisions. Considering the unprecedented oversight challenge posed by this disclosure, it is imperative for the public to be aware of this information to hold elected officials accountable.

The question remains, why hasn't this been widely reported in the mainstream media? Is it the classified nature of the information, or is there more than meets the eye? The silence of the mainstream media on this subject prompts further questions about the transparency and integrity of information dissemination in our society.

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