What Are The Risks Of Investing In Bitcoin?

Ashish Nishad

Bitcoin Prices are Booming It is necessary to know before an investment

Cryptocurrency has no fundamental value it can drop to zero at any time. Yes, it can be possible. When we listen to the word investment we got too much excited. Without knowing how the investment working. This is happening to me every time. I think this type of feeling of other peoples maybe feels.

Investment is scary for new investors. Because they don’t know the whole things about the market. How it works. How the blockchain work. And the most important question is it is worth investing in cryptocurrency.

We also see the many advertisements. In these advertisements, investors show. They make millions of profit in a week through Investment in cryptocurrency. We can believe these advertisements. Actually, they are advertising and also promoting cryptocurrency investment app.

Yeah, this is right investors are making profit from a cryptocurrency. But behind making profit in cryptocurrency. They play a long term game and they invest their money in these cryptocurrencies. When these cryptocurrency prices was very less.

Think about the Bitcoin. When Bitcoin was started in this cryptocurrency market. The price was Bitcoin less than one dollar. In the month of April 2021 Bitcoin prices were already cross $60,000 this is a huge amount of money. Those who invested in Bitcoin. When Bitcoin was trading and its prices was less. In 2021 they will be Bitcoin millionaires. Because at the month of April Bitcoin prices were cross the $60,000.

Manipulation In Cryptocurrency

Manipulation already happened in this cryptocurrency market. The reason behind manipulation is to attract larger investors on their trading platform.

The manipulation was happened in the month of April that reason because of manipulation most of all cryptocurrencies suffer huge losses.

What was the story behind the manipulation?

In starting of the year 2021 Tesla was promoting cryptocurrency. According to CNBC Tesla was invested $1.5 billion in Bitcoin in the month of February. And Tesla was accepting Bitcoin as a payment. After this news Tesla accepting Bitcoin as payment. Most of all cryptocurrency was increased it was getting lots of trusted investors.

In the month of May Tesla tweet on his Twitter, Tesla will not accept Bitcoin as a payment and share a graph of energy consumption in Bitcoin mining. After this tweet whole cryptocurrency suffers losses.

Yeah, this is right in Bitcoin mining process consume lots of energy and energy is generating from coal and fossil oil. These release a high amount of carbon into the environment. Carbon has bad effects on the environment. Because of carbon present in the environment, the earth temperature becomes warmer.

Also because of air pollution, older people are feeling difficulty in breathing. Because of air pollution, the earth temperature is increasing every year. Governments are working to reduce air pollution from the environment. They launch many campaigns in their country to reduce the air air pollution.

Ban Bitcoin Mining On The Country

In the month of May china ban Bitcoin mining in their country. Because they want it to run their own digital currency. This happened in the month of May. Also, china stops supply electricity to Bitcoin mining. And warning those financial institutions which are providing Bitcoin-related services. After Bitcoin mining was a ban in China. The Bitcoin miner machines selling like a metal craft.

When Bitcoin mining was the ban in China. Due to the ban, affected cryptocurrency prices it suffered losses. We all have to be aware of it. It can happen in the future.

Cryptocurrency is the most volatile in nature anything can happen in the future. Before anything, wrong will happen in the future cryptocurrency. You will have to know about it. This can be a safe game for you. There is a possibility it can happen in the future.

Bitcoin prices are too high this right time to invest in cryptocurrency

Investment means managing risk and making a profit. Cryptocurrency is volatile any things can happen in future. Right now cryptocurrency prices are growing like a skyrocket. After Bitcoin prices are growing after losses.

The investment can be risky in Bitcoin. Right now Bitcoin is trading at $48,583 this is a huge amount of money. If you going to invest this amount of money in Bitcoin this can be risky. If the prices go to looses. You will suffer huge losses.

The best option for investment choose the alternative option right now Bitcoin prices are too high. If you are going to invest in Bitcoin have to pay $48,583 for the one coin. This is a lot of money. The best will be to choose the alternative cryptocurrency. Such as Ethereum, Polkadot and Cardano these cryptocurrencies are trending right now. If you invest in this cryptocurrency it has the chance you will make a profit in the future.

This is important before investing in cryptocurrency to do the proper research. Because many crises and fraud are already happening in the cryptocurrency market. Choose the trusted wallet for the investment.

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