5 Reason Why Investment Is Important In 2021

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Every young guy has a dream to become one day financially free. Actually, lots of young guys working for it to achieve it at early as much possible. I and my friends are always doing deep discussion on investment how we can achieve our financial goal and fulfil our dream.

What we have been seeing since childhood

Investment is really important for our us to beat inflation peoples easily survive with a low-income stream. But when will the time come for better education and better health care it will difficult for you to pay the bills.

Most of the inflation comes from the health care and education sector. Lots of students suffering from colleges loans they graduated from university but they can’t capable to pays college fees. Because lots of job crises happing in this world.

In 2021 lots of peoples are losing their jobs these peoples are 9 to 5 working peoples. These households only depend on a job in these covid situations they felt a lot of difficulties to fulfil their households needs.

In India, big job cries happing in 2021. The of month 7.35 million peoples lose their jobs because of a covid entire country in a lockdown. Many peoples lose their family, doctor and policeman contributing and lots of other peoples are helping those peoples needed.

Investment always works for you in future and the right investment can make you more wealthy. Investment can be many things such as stocks, asset, cryptocurreny, bonds and growth investment.

I will tell you how to become rich. Close the doors. Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.” — Warren Buffett

Lets we drive in deeper and see why investments are important to survive a better life.

1. Beat inflation

Beat inflation is a basic need to survive a better life that means earning a higher return from an investment than the inflation rate in the economy. You don’t have to live your money in bank accounts without investment inflation will eat your money.

Peoples are easily surviving in the low-income stream, but most inflation comes from better health care and education sectors.

If the rise in prices level more than the return you are getting your return will get nullified.

2. Higher Investment Return

Investment work as an asset its always works in bad and good condition. Peoples invest their hard earn money to earn some higher utility in the future.

Investment in stocks can lead you to higher return in two ways first is dividend and the other is through capital gain.

Investment in Bond investor while getting a regular payout from it and coupon which are given regular predetermine times periods.

Investment in real estate is a big bank you will get a higher return from it in a two first rental income and second capital gain.

3. Retirement plan

Most people invest their money for retirement purpose because most people rely on their salary income to fulfil a daily basic need.

It is very difficult to survive life their life after retirement when they don’t have any jobs.

It is very important to everyone invest their small part of the income during working age. It will help something in the survival process after retirement.

4. Reach Financial Goals

Investment is the only key that will help you to achieve your financial goals. Every young guy has a dream that he becomes financially free actually lots of guys working for it to achieve as much as possible.

Everyone has a dream to buy a dream house, investment and asset that will help make the path easy for you. But before you have to build a solid asset such as a rental asset this is an income source you will get thousands of dollars every month its rate depends on which city are you're being from.

Another financial goal for the parent can be the college education of children. This is an important financial goal every family have. And another is a retirement goal it is impossible to survive life after retirement without jobs that time asset helps a lot for financially become stable.

5. Wealth Creation

Investment in real estate and a mutual fund where you can spend their money wisely. Equity option in a mutual fund allows aggressive growth of money that has been used in a mutual fund.

First of all, start observed the market carefully and track the growth of the investment. And start separating the profit you make from equity funds and pile them into a fixed income asset. That way you can save your profit and use it for another investment.

In the end, you will make much more profit it would be much higher than your initial investment.

Real estate investment is a much bigger market peoples are making millions of profits from it. Through an appreciation of increasing property value, location, development and improvement this is a common way peoples are making money in real estate.

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