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The first crypto transaction ever took place in 2009, and since then, cryptocurrencies have come a long way. Gradually, their usage has become more and more frequent, and people are now much more content with the idea of a digital currency in general.

Today, you can use crypto to buy virtually anything, especially when it comes to digital products and services. Here are some common things that you can buy with crypto today, although you might’ve not realized that yet. You can check out this best source for crypto news.

1. NFTs

It seems reasonable to start this list with NFTs. NFTs are also digital assets hosted on a blockchain, just like cryptocurrencies, but they’re not convertible. They can represent a digital file and can prove ownership of any digital item.

NFTs have been particularly beneficial in the field of digital art. The appeal of NFTs is at least twofold: you can buy a work of art from your favorite digital artist and store it in your crypto wallet, or you can hope it rises in value and try to trade it for more money. The NFTs are also hugely important for building a viable economy in the metaverse.

2. Cars

You can also use cryptocurrency to buy cars. It’s widely known that the owner of Tesla, Elon Musk, is one of the famous entrepreneurs interested in the crypto market. But, maybe somewhat surprisingly, you can’t buy a Tesla with any cryptocurrency. However, you can use Dogecoin to buy certain products from their website.

Nevertheless, there are some other car manufacturers and dealerships that fully accept crypto. Today, you can buy an Audi, BMW, Nissan, Toyota, and many others if you have enough cryptocurrency and you go to the right dealerships.

3. Media subscriptions

For years, the realm of digital media has been expanding at the expense of printed forms. Naturally, many digital outlets have been quick to adopt crypto. This is no wonder as it’s a very convenient payment method for a digital-first business.

Some of the media you can subscribe to using cryptocurrency include The Time magazine, the Chicago Sun-Times, some crypto-focused websites such as CryptoSlate or Bankless, as well as numerous different streaming services.

4. Clothing

Some of the fashion brands let their customers buy clothes with crypto money as well. This is especially handy in the era where the eCommerce market is growing rapidly and consumers need a quick and secure way to pay for goods online.

Also, with the emergence of the metaverse, multiple brands started producing digital clothing, which people will use for their avatars in the metaverse. Clever utilization of cryptocurrency technology may turn out to be fundamental for the development of the metaverse.

Here are some of the brands that accept cryptocurrency at this point: Adidas, Under Armour, H&M, Columbia Sportswear, as well as many others.

5. Sports tickets

We’ve seen more and more crypto companies working with athletes, sports clubs, and sports associations. Sporting events offer great promotional opportunities for crypto businesses, so it’s no wonder that some organizations let you buy tickets for sporting events with cryptocurrency.

There are multiple franchises from different sports that have enabled this option. The list includes Dallas Mavericks from the NBA, Oakland Athletics from the MLB, San Jose Sharks from the NHL, and Juventus FC from the Italian Football League.

Final thoughts

While business owners still tend to show a certain dose of skepticism towards cryptocurrencies, paying with crypto is much more common and widespread than just a few years ago.

It’s reasonable to expect that blockchain technology will get more widely accepted in the following period and that larger and larger volumes of cryptocurrency will start circulating. Hopefully, this will make the list of things you can buy with crypto even longer and more comprehensive.

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