Skip-Tracing Process


Skip tracing is tracking down a debtor who has refused to pay a debt or has left town without paying the debt. Such debtors don't pick up calls or answer their emails in most cases. Additionally, if you try tracking them down via their addresses, you'll find out that they've either moved out or given the loaner the wrong addresses. And according to the US Postal Service, 30% of undelivered emails comprise such people.

Therefore, when the skip tracing process is successful, the updated information of the debtor is revealed through batch skip tracing. Such information includes their contacts, new business, and addresses. However, what is the skip-tracing process like?

Skip-Tracing Process

First, the skip tracer needs to verify all the client's information. The relevance of this step is for the skip tracer to familiarize themselves with the subject at hand. Additionally, the skip tracer will be able to verify whether the information is accurate or not. If it is true, the skip tracer will be able to track down the client. 

If the information given by the client is untrue, the skip tracer needs to collect more information about the client. They can use public resources such as utility bills, public tax information, credit reports, job applications, and criminal background. Sometimes the skip tracer might be successful in this step, and sometimes not.

If they are not successful, they'll need to carry out social engineering. This is the process of calling the client's past neighbors, acquaintances, friends, and family and asking for information about the person.

Sites Skip Tracers Use to Streamline the Collection Process

With the information on the internet, it can be easy to track people, making it easy to locate your debtor. Therefore, there are various sites that will help you streamline your debt collection process. Some of these sites are free, whereas others require a subscription fee.


As basic as it may sound, Google, and any other search engine site can be the solution to finding your debtor—type in their name plus the address they provided. Additionally, you can type in their name and zip code. The search will mostly appear with people's finds.

Social Media

It has proven to be one of the top places where people locate each other. Some of the social media sites you can use are Facebook, the most popular, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You can search their name and location. Once you narrow it down to specific people, you can reach out to them through the specific app's messenger. You can also track them using their friend's and relatives' social networks.

People Finder Websites

Various websites help track people. They're available as free versions as well as paid versions. The free version is usually a teaser with little information about what you are looking for. Therefore, you will need to get the paid version to get all the information. Some of these websites include sites like, among many others.

Genealogy websites

There are two sites that are genealogy-specific:

This site provides a quick search where you type in the client's first name, last name, city, and state. You can also add the middle name and the birth year. It will bring you all the information, including their full name, birth year, names of associated people, friends, and current address. However, it doesn't give the person's email.


For those difficult-to-find people whose information appears to be outdated or invalid, an internet search for the individual's name + previous city of residence, + "obituary" will occasionally turn up just that.

You may next use the same techniques you used to locate the subject, to locate the deceased subject's relatives. Additionally, you can use it to locate heirs or trustees who could be prepared to assist you in the process of the debt payment.

The Bottom Line

To sum it up, skip tracing can be a very hectic process if not properly handled. From getting the debtor's contacts to the actual process of finding them. Not only do you need to follow through with the right process, but you also need the right team to help you jumpstart your debt collection. Despite using major sites to track down debtors, it is equally important to invest in good skip tracing services. A good skip tracing company will make your debt collection seamless. Reach out to Enformion if you have any further questions.

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