Texan Republicans Double Down on Support for Trump Despite Controversies

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Several key Texan Republicans, including Ted Cruz and Ken Paxton, commented publicly supporting former President Donald Trump.

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Yesterday Donald Trump became the first former U.S. president to face criminal charges. Within hours of the announcement, several key Texan Republicans, including Texas AG Pen Paxton and Senator Ted Cruz, lept to his defense.

The Democrat Party’s hatred for Donald Trump knows no bounds. The ‘substance’ of this political persecution is utter garbage. This is completely unprecedented and is a catastrophic escalation in the weaponization of the justice system.” Texan Senator Ted Cruz
The radical left has consistently weaponized our courts to silence conservative voices. The actions by the Soros-backed Democrat DA in NYC is the latest example of this abuse of power.” Texas AG Ken Paxon

The former President enjoys a large following in Texas and recently held the first rally of his 2024 Presidential campaign in the state. In addition, Trump has stated he has the backing of 11 Texas members of Congress and secured endorsements from key Texans, including Lt.Gov Dan Patrick and Texas AG Ken Paxton.

From Waco to El Paso, from Houston to Dallas, and from the Red River to the Rio Grande, the people of Texas live and breathe the fierce spirit of independence.” Former President Donald Trump

Given his strong support with Texas Republicans, it is no surprise they have come out strongly to defend Trump.

Trump’s indictment reflect methods Stalin and his Communist Party used to destroy their political opponents.” State Rep. Dustin Burrows
"President Donald Trump has said for years that Democrats have been, are, and will continue to weaponize the justice system for their own selfish political agenda. Today’s action proves President Trump right once again. The American people see this for what it is and I have no doubt that President Donald Trump will be totally vindicated and, once again, emerge on top.” Texas Agriculture Minister Sid Miller
"This is a dark day in American history. President Trump’s only “crime” was MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! These cowardly Democrats HATE Trump and HATE his voters even more. When Trump wins, THESE PEOPLE WILL PAY!!" US. Rep Ronny Jackson

Fox News recently released a poll that found Trump would get 43% in the 2024 primary and Ron DeSantis 28%. Only 2% of those polled indicated they would vote for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

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