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Study Reveals Shocking Price Increase by Popular Food Chain in Dallas!

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A study conducted by Bank of America of food chains in Dallas found one chain had increased prices by 36% in three years.

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Analysts from the Bank of America have just released a report based on their research of food prices in Dallas.

The team looked at prices at several chains in Dallas, including Kroger, Walmart, Aldi, Target, and Dollar General, across the last month. These prices were compared to the same cost of goods in 2020.

While prices were expected to have increased, it was surprising how much some businesses had raised their prices.

The average increase in grocery prices was 22% across the brands, but one business had a far sharper increase- Dollar General had increased their prices by 36% in just three years. Conversely, the lowest price rise was at Krogers- the report found an increase of 21% at the popular grocery chain.

Cost Comparison

The report compared the cost of 33 items across the chains and found the prices below.

  • The bundle of goods at Walmart cost $187.50
  • At Target, the cost was $194.15,
  • At Dollar General, it was $201.14

Dollar General pricing issues

Perhaps of even more concern in the report was the inaccurate pricing of items at Dollar General.

According to the report, the items purchased by the Bank of America analysts at the Dallas Dollar General incurred higher prices at the register than those displayed on the shelf.

This price discrepancy has been leveled at Dollar General previously, and they have faced an investigation in Ohio for this issue.

Your thoughts

Are you surprised Dollar General had the biggest increase in food prices? Where do you shop in Dallas for food? Do you believe the government should provide more financial assistance to families struggling to pay grocery bills?

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