Aldi's Expansion in Texas Is Saving Shoppers up to 15% on Grocery Bills

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Discount grocer, Aldi's entry to Texas has allowed shoppers to save on groceries.
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In Texas, H-E-B, Krogers, and Whole Foods Market have been popular choices for people to do their grocery shopping.

But over the last few years, German discount grocery chain Aldi has seen a massive increase in popularity in Texas. 2022, in particular, saw a big jump in Aldi store visits by Texans.

Aldi reported almost 400,000 Texans across Dallas and Houston shopped at Aldi for the first time. It seems many are drawn to the lower prices Aldi offers, y as grocery price inflation has increased by up to 13% in some Texan cities.

The influx of new shoppers over the past year shows what we knew to be true. People don’t want to spend more on groceries than they have to,” Karla Waddleton, Aldi divisional VP.
“On average, we save our Texan shoppers $700 or nearly 15% on their grocery bills annually. And, just like the rest of the country, Texan shoppers are looking for relief from inflation, which naturally impacts their grocery budget.” Scott Huska, Aldi divisional VP.

There are 126 Aldi stores in Texas, and there could be more to come, as Aldi is "always looking for new opportunities to grow our presence in Texas and beyond. This year, we plan to continue our aggressive expansion nationwide.”

The possibility of more expansion is excellent news for Texans. Already Krogers and H-E-B seem to be in a battle to open more stores in North Texas. Krogers recently announced three new stores in the region, while H-E-B has plans for six more. In fact, last year, H-E-B opened more new grocery square footage than any other grocer in the United States.

If Aldi joins the fight for grocery space, it can only benefit Texan shoppers.

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