Trump Takes the Stage: Is Texas The Key to Trump's Comeback?

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Former President Donald Trump held the first rally of his 2024 campaign in Texas to a huge crowd and national media attention.
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It’s great to be back in this wonderful state with thousands of die-hard patriots,” Former President Donald Trump

The Donald Trump 2024 Presidential campaign officially kicked off this weekend with the first rally held in Waco.

The event attracted over 18,500 people proving that Trump still has substantial support across the nation, particularly in Texas.

From Waco to El Paso, from Houston to Dallas, and from the Red River to the Rio Grande, the people of Texas live and breathe the fierce spirit of independence.” Former President Donald Trump

Trump stated he has the backing of 11 Texas members of Congress and secured endorsements from key Texans, including Lt.Gov Dan Patrick and Texas AG Ken Paxton.

Nobody can beat Donald Trump in the Republican primary.” Texas Lt. Gov Dan Patrick

Texas is seen as an excellent base for Trump for his 2024 campaign.

A Democrat has not won statewide in Texas since 1994, while a Democratic presidential candidate has not claimed Texas since Jimmy Carter in 1976.

Trump, De Santis, or Abbott?

Trump's primary competitor for the Republican nomination is expected to be Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis received his first congressional endorsement this week from Texas Rep. Chip Roy, a leader in the far-right Freedom Caucus.

It’s time for younger, but proven, leadership...He stared down woke corporate America and higher education. And he stood with Texas in defense of our border,” Texas Rep Chip Roy.

DeSantis was in Texas earlier this month to headline annual fundraising dinners in Dallas and Houston. At the first event, De Santis said Texas and Florida were holding form together, preventing the United States from becoming "one big woke, neo-Marxist dumpster fire."

Fox News recently released a poll that found Trump would get 43% in the 2024 primary and DeSantis 28%. Only 2% of those polled indicated they would vote for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

Based on polls, he’s [De Santis] not doing good with anything.” Donald Trump

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Did you attend the rally? Do you agree with Lt.Gov Patrick that Trump will win the GOP nomination? Do you believe Trump would defeat Biden? Who is your preferred President?

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