An Out of State Billionaire Donated $53 Million To The Texas Border Wall Project. Who Should Be Funding The Wall?

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Last Friday, Texas Senate leaders advised they will continue to spend big on border security.

Over the last two years, Texas has spent $4 billion on securing the southern border and has entered into contracts for border barriers totaling more than $900 million.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and the Republicans have promised to continue to invest in the border wall.

In our base budget, the House and the Senate [have] projected that we would continue the investment in the wall. The federal government does not appear to be taking this extremely serious problem seriously at all, and so the state has felt an obligation to continue with this financial commitment.” Joan Huffman, a Houston Republican who leads the budget-writing Senate Finance Committee

In addition to state funds, Abbott has also sought donations from the public to help pay for the cost of the wall. And the biggest donor has been an out-of-state billionaire.

Timothy Mellon, contributed nearly 98% of the fund’s total donations when he donated $53.1 million in August 2021. Mellon is the 80-year-old Wyoming-based grandson of banking tycoon and former U.S. Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon.

It isn't the first time Mellon has contributed to issues related to immigration.

In 2010, Mellon gave "$1.5 million to the legal defense of an Arizona law that required police to determine the immigration status of people suspected of being in the country illegally." In 2020 he gave $20 million to America First Action, the main super PAC supporting Trump’s reelection. Mellon has also given $60 million to two Republican funds.

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