"This is Abbott's Texas". Desperate Texans Scavenge for Food in H-E-B Dumpsters During Power Outage

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Shocking scenes of Texans scavenging through dumpsters at an H-E-B have gone viral this weekend.

A video showing people rifling through a dumpster outside an H-E-B store in Austin, Texas, has been shared across social media, sparking outrage. The footage was taken by CBS and showed people desperately searching for food during the power outage.

There are health concerns arising from this. Usually, H-E-B will throw out food that is OK, but much of this food was discarded as it spoiled, thanks to the power outage.

The footage comes after much of Texas suffered through artic-like conditions over the past week, resulting in almost 400,000 Texans losing power.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott took to Twitter to assure Texans the power grid was holding up the blame for any power outages were due to trees.

To prove his point, he posted a video on Twitter of a tree falling across a power line.

"Tree limbs like this are falling across the state. Many of them hit power lines and cause power to go out at the local level. Your local power provider is working to restore the power lines. The power grid has maintained ample power supply for the entire state the entire time." Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

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Do you believe more should have been done for Texans suffering power outages? Do you think Gov. Abbott should do more to fix the power grid? Are you concerned about this footage and people resorting to dumpster diving? Should Texas food banks be assisting those in need?

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