A Florida Native Shares Their Reasons for Leaving the State. Do You Agree?

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Are there too many people moving to Florida and is life getting harder living in the Sunshine State?

The answer is yes according to one person. A Floridian on the Reddit website posted that after living in Florida their whole life, they had had enough and were moving.

They posted:

"The last strongholds of old, beautiful Florida are sadly dying. The land is quickly disappearing to give way to thousands upon never-ending thousands of identical, cheaply built houses. I see few orange groves anymore, few cow pastures, vast areas being clear-cut on a continual basis, wildlife disappearing, there are people absolutely everywhere, it takes 2 months to get a doctors appointment now, my county had 5 separate vehicle fatalities in one stretch of highway in 24 hours this past week, crime is getting worse, etc.

What was a peaceful drive just a few years ago is now like driving in New Jersey. There are simply too many people and not enough room it seems. I get it, the weather is nice and there are beaches nearby, but day-to-day life here isn’t ideal for us.

It just simply doesn’t feel like “home” anymore I guess."

The post quickly went viral attracting hundreds of comments from people. Many people agreed with the comments and said they had also left Florida and moved to other states with North and South Carolina being popular destinations.

"We lived in south Florida for almost 3 decades and just recently relocated our family to the midlands of South Carolina. It’s so beautiful here and I’m enjoying the lack of urban congestion. I see deer a lot. Kids have a bunch of friends to play with, and we could actually afford a house." User ragtagkittycat

Others commented on the rising house price and increased traffic as reasons that life in Florida is getting harder.

Has Florida changed too much? It's time for your thoughts.

Your thoughts

Do you agree with the post? Have you left Florida and moved interstate? Are you considering leaving Florida? Or do you believe Florida is the best state to live in?

Please leave your thoughts below and share this article with others so they can join the conversation.

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