Get Ready to Move Over: Florida's New Bill Targets Left Lane Hoggers

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Make way slowpokes- a new law could crack down on those drivers going slowly in the left lane.

Florida Rep. Jenna Persons-Mulicka (R-District 78) introduced a bill, HB 421, in the House that would make it illegal to drive in the left lane in the state unless you're overtaking another car.

The new law would read:

"On a road, street, or highway having two or more lanes allowing movement in the same direction with a posted speed limit of at least 65 miles per hour, a driver may not continuously operate a motor vehicle in the furthermost left-hand lane, except when overtaking and passing another vehicle, when preparing to exit the road, street, or highway, or when otherwise directed by an official traffic control device. This subsection does not apply to authorized emergency vehicles and vehicles engaged in highway maintenance or construction."

Many people seem to believe this will improve driver safety.

"I hope that they recognize that this really is a safety issue and will start enforcing it. If people get the message that they are going to get ticketed for it, they'll get out of the way for faster-moving traffic, and everybody will be the better for it," Mark Gold, The Ticket Clinic

If the bill were to pass, the new law would be a non-criminal traffic infraction taking effect on Jan. 1, 2024.

Your thoughts

Do you agree with this new bill? Would you like to see it passed? Are you frustrated by slow drivers in the left lane? Do you believe Florida Police could adequately enforce the new law?

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