Why Is The Texas Power Grid The Sole System Struggling to Keep the Lights On?

Ash Jurberg

Everything is bigger in Texas- even the power outages.

There have been a lot of talks this week again about the Texas Power Grid. The grid famously failed in February 2021 during Winter Storm Uri and was an important topic in last year's gubernatorial race. As a result, there were concerns that history could repeat this week as severe conditions hit Texas and the grid might fail again.

Yesterday Texas Gov. Greg Abbott took to Twitter to assure Texans the power grid was holding up the blame for any power outages were due to trees.

To prove his point, he posted a video on Twitter of a tree falling across a power line.

"Tree limbs like this are falling across the state. Many of them hit power lines and cause power to go out at the local level. Your local power provider is working to restore the power lines. The power grid has maintained ample power supply for the entire state the entire time." Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

But people are asking, with severe weather across a lot of the country at present, why is only the Texas power supply affected?

One person posted an image to Twitter highlighting the discrepancy between the loss of power in Texas and other states.

It showed almost 370,000 homes in Texas without power. Arkansas had the second-highest power outages, with less than 7,000 customers without power.

Abbott was in a defensive mood as has posted a graph from ERCOT showing the power supply- twice. Once yesterday and again this afternoon.

"This graph shows that there has been plenty of power available on the grid all day today." Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

Your thoughts

Do you believe Gov. Abbott has done a good job in maintaining power? Do you have faith in the power grid? Do you think trees and not ERCOT have only caused power outages? Should the Texas power grid be improved?

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