New Elections May Be Needed: Gov. Abbott Addresses Harris County Ballot Shortage

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"Harris Co. election ballot paper shortage far bigger than initially estimated. It's so big it may have altered the outcome of elections. It may necessitate new elections. It WILL necessitate new LAWS that prevent Harris Co. from ever doing this again." Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has responded to allegations the "shortage of ballot paper at some Harris County voting centers on election day was more widespread than the Elections Administration Office estimated."

Abbott believes it may have altered the outcome of elections and may require new elections.

Abbott linked to an investigation undertaken by KHOU 11, which "compared ballot paper packets allocated to the total number of votes cast and discovered 121 voting centers did not initially receive enough ballot paper to cover voter turnout. The county allotted each of the locations six ballot paper packets, or enough for 600 ballots. But the total votes cast exceeded that amount, sometimes by hundreds of ballots. For example, 946 election day ballots were cast at the Bellaire Civic Center, 990 at Warner Elementary School, and 1,037 at Salyards Middle School."

According to Texas Senate District 9 - Chair, Veteran Affairs & Border Security Committee, Kelly Hancock, "the majority of areas where they ran out of paper were in heavily Republican areas, according to historical voting patterns."

I mean, it’s mismanagement at best. We as Harris County voters deserve better." GOP Chair Cindy Siegel

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