Winter Weather Survival Guide for Texans Takes the Internet by Storm!

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As severe winter weather hits much of Texas, schools in some districts shut and flights are canceled, one person has taken to Twitter to give advice to Texans on how to deal with the winter.

The post, which has quickly gone viral, lists a number of key tips for Texans. They include:

  1. Walk like penguins on iced surfaces
  2. If your vehicle skids, steer into it
  3. Raise your wipers off your windshields, if you like
  4. Never ever let Ted Cruz live down that Cancun trip.

The tweet has received hundreds of responses. While many are serious tips for coping with the winter freeze, many have joined in the fun and added some humorous replies. And, of course, several have poked fun at Texan Senator Ted Cruz, who famously fled to Cancun during the Winter freeze in February 2021.

"Don’t listen to this guy. Here’s how to deal with Winter Storms in Texas, wait 10 minutes until the weather changes and it’s 77 degrees again." Pro-Tips
"Never ever let Ted Cruz forget he left his dog in that cold house when he left for Cancun" Swiss Amy Knife
"It’s Texas … the advice should be: #1 DO NOT GO OUT" I Brake 4 Ants

While reading the tweet and the comments provided a good laugh, there is a need to be ready for the harsh weather.

A list of tips has been provided by the Texas Department of State Health Services and can be found on their website.

Hope y'all stay warm and safe during the next few days!

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How are you coping with the severe winter conditions affecting Texas at the moment? What tips do you have for Texans?

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