Should Pets Be Banned In H-E-B Stores? H-E-B Staff Say Yes

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H-E-B is a Texan instituion.

Florence Butt started the company in a small town in the Texas hill country in 1905. Her son Howard E. Butt- whose initials formed the company's name, took over the business in the 1920s. The San Antonio-based company now has 425 stores across Texas and Mexico, with revenues of $34 billion.

Most Texans love H-E-B, and it seems so do their pets.

Some H-E-B employees have taken to Reddit to voice their concern over customers bringing their pets into the store.

It was started by one H-E-B employee, Rough_Cherry, who posted, "Customers, please stop bringing your dog inside the store in a cart." Soon after, staff members expressed their dislike of animals being brought into their stores.

Obviously, service animals are allowed into the store, but one employee pointed out that if "a service animal is in a cart, it very likely cannot do its job. Therefore it is not an “acting” service animal." Other examples listed were dogs off leash and wandering around the store without the control of their owner.

Employees began listing various animals that customers brought into their local H-E-B, including parrots, a chameleon, a pet mouse, and even a python!

According to Texas Workforce Solutions, there’s no ADA-approved certification or training, and employees are not allowed to ask for any papers or accreditation. However, employees may ask what kind of services the animal performs.

Your thoughts

Should people stop bringing their pets into H-E-B stores? Does it concern you to see dogs or other animals in carts? Do you believe this could be a hygiene problem? Should H-E-B be stricter on what a service animal is and enforce this rule? Have you ever taken your pet into an H-E-B?

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