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San Antonio Finishes Near Last In National Coffee Rankings. Did They Get This Wrong?

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I have written many times on this website about my love of coffee.

As I write this, I am sitting in a cafe and drinking a coffee. I am not alone; according to a recent National Coffee Association survey, "66% of America's daily coffee drinkers have about three cups of coffee a day."

So I was a little unhappy with a recent report that ranked San Antonio poorly based on its coffee scene.

Clever Real Estate, a real estate market service, released its Best Coffee Cities in the U.S. rankings this week. And San Antonio came in 44th out of 50.

The report looked at the 50 most populated metros in the U.S. and ranked them against a series of metrics. These included:

  • percentage of local annual income spent on buying a cup of coffee every weekday
  • the average price of a cup of cappuccino
  • number of coffee shops per 100,000 residents
  • number of donut shops per 100,00 residents
  • and the Google Trends score for five coffee terms: coffee, cappuccino, coffee shop, whole bean, and cafe.

San Antonio ranked close to the bottom, and we have the fewest coffee shops per 100,000 residents of any city.

Other Texas cities fared much better. Dallas was 11th, Austin 14th, and Houston 29th in the nation. And in case you were wondering, Baltimore was ranked first in the United States.

Again- those rankings make me unhappy.

I guess the people who compile these reports don't understand how great our coffee scene is. All they needed to do was read my article listing the eight top-ranked coffee shops in San Antonio, and they would understand!

Your thoughts

Do you agree with this report? Or do you believe San Antonio is a great coffee city? Where is your favorite place to get coffee in San Antonio?

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