Texas Gov. Abbott slams Biden Administration of “acting against Federal law.”

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"What the Biden administration is doing is contrary to Federal law." Texas Gov. Abbott

Texas Gov. Abbott and his administration continued their war on President Biden over what they believe is a weak border strategy.

This week Texas AG Ken Paxton has sued the Biden administration for its new migrant plan, while Texas Republicans have demanded that Biden repay Texan taxpayers for the costs incurred in Operation Lone Star.

Today Gov. Abbott continued his criticism of Biden in a fiery interview on Fox News.

"Texas is suing the Biden administration to stop its migrant parole program. Biden is encouraging more chaos & more illegal crossings. Texas will continue to respond to this crisis & hold Biden accountable for his open border policies." Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

Abbott declared that the plan Biden has in place is contrary to Federal law.

"Biden is basically granting parolee status to these people that are coming across the border illegally and all that will do is spur even more to cross the border thinking that they too will get parolee status." Texas Gov. Abbott

"Texas Republicans demand Biden reimburse state border efforts Good. Texas is taking unprecedented action to protect our communities from Biden's open border policies. Time for Biden to pay Texas back & enforce federal immigration laws." Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

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Do you agree that President Biden should repay the $4 billion Texan taxpayers spent on Operation Lone Star? Are you glad Texas Gov. Greg Abbott continually criticizes Biden? Do you like to see the Texas Republicans standing up to President Biden? Or do you believe Biden's new migrant plan is the best way forward and Texas should work together with his administration?

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