Texas Teachers Could Receive Historic Pay Increase: State Representative Introduces Groundbreaking Legislation

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"When I was a public school teacher, I struggled to make ends meet. 40% of Texas teachers work a second job. Thousands are leaving the profession to find work that can pay the bills. Today I’m introducing legislation to give every teacher in Texas a $15,000 pay raise." James Talarico, Texas State Representative

Texas State Rep James Talarico today introduced House Bill 1548, which, if passed, would lead to the biggest pay rise in history for Texas teachers.

If the bill is passed, the minimum pay for inexperienced teachers would be $48,000 yearly, and the average teachers would rise to almost $74,000. Talarico has proposed using the record Texas budget surplus to find this historic pay rise.

"We can do this. Texas has a $47 billion budget surplus. That’s billion with a b! We can give every teacher a $15,000 raise, give all support staff a 25% raise, and still have more than HALF the surplus left over." James Talarico, Texas State Representative

Many believe public school teachers in Texas are vastly underpaid.

According to the Economic Policy Institute, which advocates for fair pay for low- and middle-income workers, Texas public school teachers get paid 21.5% less than college graduates in other professions.

According to the report, of even more concern is that "inflation-adjusted weekly wages for teachers have remained essentially flat since 1996, increasing just $29 compared to 2021 figures."

The pay for teachers was highlighted in a recent article that showed that managers at Buc-ee's can earn four times more than teachers in Texas.

"Hoarding this surplus while teachers and students are suffering is immoral. But it’s also bad business. You don’t stick your money under a mattress—you put it to work by making smart investments. And the smartest investment we can make is in the next generation."James Talarico, Texas State Representative

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