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Houston Housing Authority Launches New Round of Public Housing Applications After Four-Year Hiatus

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There is some good news for people in Houston seeking public housing.

For the first time since 2018, the Houston Housing Authority is seeking applicants. The program has been paused for nearly five years due to the long waitlist that had developed. Now the waitlist is more manageable; it has opened up again.

"Overall we have about 6,000 hard units in terms of public housing on various programs. And that varies based on when people move in and out. We have about 25 or 30 that we’re prepared to turn over and re-occupy.” David A. Northern Sr., president and CEO of Houston Housing Authority.

While applications are once again open, unfortunately, demand still exceeds supply. This huge demand is causing people to show up early in the morning, but applicants do not need to do this.

We’ve had long lines of people standing outside, even though we have a number of systems where they can show up at various sites. They can come to the main office. They can utilize our number of community stakeholders who deal with housing and homelessness. They can do it online, they can do it on their cell phones. It’s not like you have to line up at 8 a.m. to be the first name on the list. We’re taking everybody and the lottery will randomly select what rank a person is, so give everybody a fair chance and opportunity.” David A. Northern Sr., president, and CEO of Houston Housing Authority.

It is anticipated that the wait for new applicants will be a minimum of one year but most likely two.

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Do you believe Houston needs more public housing? What other solutions are there to reduce the waiting time for suitable public housing? Have you had to wait a long time to be accepted into public housing?

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