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Have you visited San Antonio's strangest grave?

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Amongst all the graves in the San Antonio Masonic Cemetery, one is very different from the others.

A simple stone marks Sandra West's grave, but what is beneath the surface is bizarre. West, a socialite from Beverley Hills, was buried in a blue 1964 Ferrari.

How did someone from Beverley Hills end up buried in a Ferrari in San Antonio? It certainly makes for an interesting story.

Let's take a quick look.

The socialite

Sandra West was born in 1939 in Beverly Hills, California.

She was known as a socialite, mixing with the rich and famous. In the 1960s, she married Texas oil magnate Ike West. Thanks to his enormous wealth, she lived a luxurious life. One of her passions was cars, and Sandra owned at least three Ferraris.

When Ike West died in 1964, Sandra West inherited his fortune.

Sandra had an obsession with Egyptology and the practice of ancient Egyptians being buried with their possessions. And so she told her brother-in-law- Sol West, her unique burial request. To make the story even more interesting, Sol West was her lover before Ike!

Her burial request was to be buried in a white nightgown, placed in the front seat of her 1964 Ferrari, and Sandra and her car were to be buried next to her husband in San Antonio.

Early death and a public funeral

Sadly for Sandra, her burial wish came to fruition sooner than she had planned.

In 1977, aged just 38, Sandra West died. The cause of her death was thought to be either injuries sustained from a car accident or an overdose of prescription pills. Sandra was initially buried in a temporary grave in California before being placed in the Ferrari, loaded into a large wooden box, and driven to San Antonio on the back of a semi.

The Ferrari's curious case garnered much media attention, and spectators clamored to attend her San Antonio funeral. A twenty-foot grave was dug, and the Ferrari with West in the driver's seat was lowered into it. The grave was then filled with cement to prevent any industrious thieves from attempting to retrieve the car.

It certainly is one of the strangest burials in San Antonio's history.


West's grave can be found at the Alamo Masonic Cemetery, 800 Center St, San Antonio.

Your thoughts

What are your thoughts on this bizarre story? Have you been to the grave? Would you like to visit it? Are there any other graves with unusual stories like this in San Antonio?

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