Should Herschel Walker enter Texas politics?

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"here’s no excuses in life. And I’m not going to make any excuses now, because we put up one heck of a fight.” Herschel Walker

Yesterday Herschel Walker lost his U.S. Senate race in Georgia against his Democrat opponent, Raphael Warnock.

Walker's race was not without controversy, and a lot of that was to do with where he resided. Many people in Georgia were upset that Walker seemed to live in Texas. This was confirmed by Walker earlier this year.

"I live in Texas. I went down to the border off and on sometimes," Herschel Walker

Tax records reported by CNN have shown that Walker is receiving a tax exemption on a home in Texas. Walker has a house in Dallas and has received a homestead tax exemption for the home since 2012.

"Everyone asks me why did I decide to run for a Senate seat? Because to be honest with you, this is never something I ever, ever, ever thought in my life I’d ever do. And that’s the honest truth. As I was sitting in my home in Texas, I was sitting in my home in Texas, and I was seeing what was going on in this country. I was seeing what was going on in this country with how they were trying to divide people." Herschel Walker

The retired football star and former Heisman Trophy winner had no previous experience in politics but was backed by former President Donald Trump. Most recently, he was supported by Texan Senator Ted Cruz and appeared in interviews with Walker.

Despite his record and questions over his personal life, Walker only lost narrowly to Warnock, thereby handing the Democrats a 51-49 majority in the Senate.

It will be interesting to see what Walker's next move will be and if it will be in Texas.

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Would you like to see Walker run for a seat in Texas at the next election? Do you believe he is suited to politics? Or do you think that Walker should step away from politics?

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