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13 year old Fort Worth girl makes college history

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Fort Worth teenager Alena Wicker made history when she was recently accepted into the University of Alabama's Heersink School of Medicine for 2024. The thirteen-year-old became the youngest Black person ever to be accepted to a medical school.

Wicker graduated high school near Fort Worth at the age of 12 and, in less than a year, has completed over half of her undergraduate requirements at Arizona State University (ASU) and Oakwood University. Wicker takes two full course loads at both ASU and Oakwood University, attending classes virtually from Texas and flying in for lab courses.

"I was around three or four years old when I became fascinated with the stars and space and LEGOs. My mom began taking me to different astronomy nights and NASA Centers. I remember walking in saying 'I am going to work here one day, and I will be the youngest girl of color to work here.'" Alena Wicker

Not only has Wicker created history, but she wants to inspire others to aim high. Wicker has founded the Brown STEM Girl, an organization for girls of color interested in exploring careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The organization provides scholarships, mentorships, internships, and other support to girls of color pursuing education in STEM.

Wicker was recently named the 2022 Global Child Prodigy of the World in Science.

I want to inspire girls. I want them to see that there are no limits.” Alena Wicker

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