Texas V Biden. Who will win the battle on migration policy?

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"States bear many of the consequences of federal immigration decisions." Texas Solicitor General Judd Stone.

Texas, alongside Louisana, is challenging the Biden administration's policies on immigration.

In particular, they are arguing "against the Department of Homeland Security guidelines established by the Biden administration in 2021 to prioritize arrest and deportation of unlawful immigrants deemed a danger to national security or public safety over those who are otherwise non-criminals."

The states argued the Federal government does not have the authority to prioritize some unauthorized immigrants for deportation while downplaying others.

Texas alleges the White House approach to deportations is an abuse of discretion that has imposed costs on state taxpayers. The justices hearing the case are determining whether states like Texas and Louisiana have suffered alleged harm from illegal immigration and can sue the government to force it to crack down.

Today the Supreme Court Justices heard oral arguments in the case of United States v Texas.

Texas Solicitor General Judd Stone arguing the case on behalf of the state of Texas, claims up to 80,000 "criminal aliens" are living in Texas and costing Texan taxpayers.

"We either pay the costs through detention or through recidivism," Texas Solicitor General Judd Stone.

The guidelines were issued by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Last week Texas Gov. Abbott called for the impeachment of Mayorkas.

A decision is not expected before June 2023.

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Are you glad the state of Texas has challenged the Biden administration over its migrant policies? Should Texan taxpayers be forced to cover costs under Biden's policies? Or do you believe this is a political stunt led by Texas Republicans?

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