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"President Biden's continued dereliction of duty has forced Texas to ramp up border security efforts. We will continue to protect our country from Biden’s dangerous open border policies." Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott continues his fight on border security- with his latest strategy "set to include armored personnel carriers designed to carry troops into battle alongside tanks."

The Texas Tribune reports that "Texas Military Department officials to the headquarters overseeing Operation Lone Star reveals that the National Guard will soon deploy 10 M113 armored personnel carrier vehicles to the border...around fifty soldiers will be trained to operate the vehicles, and state officials will identify ten positions to station them along the border."

These actions are part of a larger strategy to use every available tool to fight back against the record-breaking level of illegal immigration. The Texas National Guard is taking unprecedented measures to safeguard our border and to repel and turn-back immigrants trying to cross the border illegally.” Texas Military Department

Abbott continues to criticize the Biden Administration for failing to secure the southern border. Since the midterm election, Abbott has invoked an invasion clause, sent a letter to Biden demanding action, and added the fourth city in northern states to bus migrants to.

Through Operation Lone Star, DPS troopers and Texas National Guard soldiers have been forced to patrol the border and turn back record numbers of immigrants trying to cross the border illegally.

Until Congress acts or the Biden Administration does its constitutionally required job, Texas Guardsmen and Troopers must bear the burden of securing the border.You must continue to keep Texans and Americans safe and protect against an invasion of the southern border. I order you to use all resources and tools available to repel immigrants from attempting to cross illegally, arrest those who cross illegally and return them to the border, and arrest criminals who violate Texas law.” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

So far, Operation Lone Star has cost $4 billion in Texan taxpayer funds.

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Do you agree with sending tanks to the southern border? Should the Federal government be doing more to protect the southern border of Texas? Or do you think Abbott has spent too much on Operation Lone Star and should cut back on spending?

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