Where has Beto O'Rourke gone?

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For most of the last five years, Beto O'Rourke has been everywhere.

He has been active on social media, making press appearances and rallying voters. Beto has been campaigning for 1,175 of the past 2,048 days- more than three of the last five calendar years campaigning for office.

During that time, Beto was constantly posting on Twitter several times a day. But he has disappeared from the platform since losing the November midterm race for Texas Gov. to Greg Abbott. His last post was on November 11.

In 2018, Beto was a little-known congressman from El Paso when he took on Ted Cruz for a position in the Texas Senate. He surprised many by getting to within 3 percent of his Republican opponent, the closest any Democrat has come. Then, believing he had some momentum, Beto ran for the Democrat Presidential nomination in 2020 but bowed out on November 2019. Despite some record-breaking fundraising that saw over $76 million in campaign contributions, Beto was defeated.

With each new race he loses it becomes more difficult to convince voters and persuade them that he can still win the next race. That’s a very difficult barrier to overcome for a third-time loser.” Sharon Navarro, a political scientist at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

It seems that Beto is not only taking a break from campaigning but also from posting on social media. Perhaps his next post will be to advise his supporters on what he plans to do next.

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Do you think Beto should make another run for public office? Or is three losses enough? What would you advise Beto to do next?

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