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The richest woman in New York is giving away millions

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I have been writing a series of articles on entrepreneurs and business leaders who are being charitable with their wealth and giving back to their local communities.

Today I wanted to write about Julia Koch- the richest woman in New York.

Let's take a quick look at her story

The richest woman in New York

With a net worth of $60.1 billion, the richest woman in New York is Julia Koch.

Julia was born in Iowa and went to college at the University of Central Arkansas. In 1984, at 22, she moved to New York, where she began working as a model and fashion designer.

In 1991, she went on a blind date with David Koch- a date that didnt go well. However, she met David at a party a few months later, and this time they hit it off and began dating. In 1996 she married David.

David Koch was a co-owner of Koch Industries, America's largest private company by revenue. When he passed away in 2019, Julia and her three children inherited his 42% share of the company.

She recently overtook Walmart heiress Alice Walton to become the wealthiest woman in America. And she has been very generous with her money.


While Julia inherited her wealth from her late husband, she has been recognized as a philanthropist.

She serves as the president of the David Koch Foundation, which is committed to "enriching the lives of individuals around the world through science and medical research, education, public policy, and the arts.​"

The foundation has contributed over $1.295 billion to cancer research, medical centers, educational institutions, arts and cultural centers, and public policy organizations. It has a long list of grant recipients who have benefitted from the foundation's donations.

They have also made major gifts to the Lincoln Center, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

Since David's death, Julia has also made large donations to NYU Langone, which supports innovative programs for significant clinical care, education, and research, and to New York University to establish the Julia Koch Endowed Scholarship. This allows the NYU School of Medicine to become the first tuition-free medical school in the country.

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Readers, what do you think of Julia's philanthropy? What other organizations in New York would you like to see her support?

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