Should Texas legalize sports betting?

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Texas is built on the core principle of individual freedom, and we pride ourselves on being an economic powerhouse in the nation. Legalizing mobile sports betting in Texas will finally allow the state to protect consumers from illegal offshore betting sites while keeping the money generated from betting in Texas to benefit Texans. Texas continues to fall behind. Neighboring states are already cashing in on Texans’ bets.” Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry

Will Texas finally legalize sports betting?

If former Texas Gov. Rick Perry has his way, it will. Perry, who was Governor of Texas from 2010 to 2015, appeared in a video this week for the Sports Betting Alliance. The Alliance, backed by all the major sporting teams in Texas, was formed by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. The Alliance claims that over 2 million bets worth $8.7 billion are placed yearly with illegal offshore betting operators.

Perry filmed a video for the Alliance this week stating that now is the time for Texas to legalize sports betting. In 2018, the United States Supreme Court removed the federal law prohibiting states from legalizing sports betting, paving the way for Texas to change.

"Recent estimates show that legalized sports betting in Texas would result in more than 250 million dollars a year in direct tax revenue for the state. This could be used as a growing, dedicated general revenue source to lowering property taxes, funding education, or funding other critical state programs" Sports Betting Alliance

Previously Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt.Gov Dan Patrick have been opposed to legalizing sports betting, but recently Abbott has said he is open to casino gambling. Could this open the door for sports betting?

Your thoughts

Would you like sports betting legalized in Texas? Or do you believe it should remain illegal? Would you like to see additional direct tax revenue raised for Texas?

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