Should Beto's wife run for public office?

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"Amy has been out on her own doing town hall meetings, conducting rallies, doing interviews on media in Spanish and in English as well. So watch out, next time you see an O'Rourke on the ballot, it might just be Amy O'Rourke." Beto O'Rourke

It was another crushing loss for Democrat nominee Beto O'Rourke. Beto has been campaigning for 1,175 of the past 2,048 days- more than three of the last five calendar years campaigning for office. And with another loss, this could mean the end of Beto O'Rourke's political career.

But will this open the door for his wife, Amy O'Rourke, to run? Beto alluded to this in a speech to his supporters as he conceded the race for Texas Governor.

Who is Amy O'Rourke?

Amy O'Rourke, née Hoover Sanders, was born in 1981 into a wealthy Texas family headed by local real estate magnate William D. Sanders. She went to Williams College, a liberal arts college in Massachusetts, where she earned a major in Psychology and a minor in Spanish. After college, she spent a year teaching kindergarten in Guatemala City before returning to El Paso to live in 2004.

Beto and Amy met on a blind date

The year she returned to El Paso, she was set up on a blind date with Beto. Beto took Amy to the Kentucky Club Bar in Juarez, Mexico, for their first date.

According to the Washington Post, "after drinks, they were stopped by a camera crew who wanted them to kiss for a TV commercial," but Beto told them that Amy was his sister.

Despite that odd remark, Beto proposed to Amy four months later, and they were married in 2005.

Will Amy O'Rourke run for public office?

After a career in education, Amy now works for the Council on Regional Economic Expansion and Educational Development (CREED) on its Choose to Excel program. In addition, she serves on the board of the organization.

She made many appearances on the campaign trail and supported Beto's public office runs. So will the tables reverse?

Beto has proven he can raise large amounts of campaign funds, even outraising more than Texas Gov. Abbott in two reporting periods. Could he move into a role as a fundraiser and strategist and give Amy a chance to run?

I guess we will have to wait and see if there is an O'Rourke on the ballot in the future.

Your thoughts

Would you like to see Amy O'Rourke run for public office in Texas? Do you think Beto should run again? Or do you believe that the O'Rourke name is associated with losing elections and that the family should quit Texas politics?

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