Beto says, "Abbott failed Uvalde and he failed Texas"

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With just over a month until Texans take to the polls to vote for their next Governor, the election is heating up. Last Friday, the two candidates, the current Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and his Democrat opponent, Beto O'Rourke, took part in their only debate.

And since that debate, both candidates' attack advertisements and social media posts have increased.

This afternoon, Beto again took to Twitter to criticize Abbott's response to the Uvalde tragedy and post his latest advertisement on the matter.

"He (Abbott) will talk about police funding. He failed to fund the police raids in Uvalde even when that police department asked for them. And you know what, those police radios failed on that day, and I want every parent out there to know. that the lives of your children are more important to me than the NRA or any special interests or any other political consideration. I will prioritize them ahead over everything else, and we will take action and we will make progress" Beto O'Rourke

Just minutes later, Beto followed up with another post on the topic.

"19 weeks since 19 kids were massacred in their classrooms, and Abbott hasn't changed a single thing in this state to make it any less likely that any other child will meet the same fate." Beto O'Rourke

The tragic shooting in May continues to be a key strategic point for Beto to push in his campaign.

Your thoughts

Do you agree with Beto that Abbott's response to the tragedy has been poor? Or do you believe that Abbott has done all he can do? Will this incident determine who wins the November election?

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