Mothers Against Greg Abbott (MAGA) pushes its campaign with billboards across Texas

Ash Jurberg

"We have 10 Billboards up this week all over Texas and 6 more next week. We want to get even more billboards up keep through Election Day. We can only do this with your continued support. Will you chip in so we can keep them up until Greg Abbott is defeated!" Mothers Against Greg Abbott

The political action group, Mothers Against Greg Abbott, continues its push to oust Abbott as Governor of Texas. The group was started by Nancy Thompson as a one-woman protest last year but has grown to the extent that it was founded as a PAC on February 1 as "a group of Texas Mothers, Fathers, Uncles, Aunts, and Grandparents who want change for Texas Families. We are a diverse group of Texans who are a mix of Democrats, Moderate Republicans, and Independents who are ready to work together for change for Texas."

Today they announced they had ten billboards installed across Texas, with another six to be displayed next week.

Many in the media say that this MAGA group could influence the results of the November election for Texas Governor.

"Abbott should take heed because this is a MAGA movement that seeks to make Texas great again — without him." - Anthea Butler, MSNBC
"They're [MAGA] actually bringing knives to the knife fight right now. And, that can mean some points in a close election." - Eugene Robinson, The Washington Post

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Have you seen any of the Mothers Against Greg Abbott billboards in your town? Do you believe they can sway the minds of Texan voters?

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