Is Texas Gov. Abbott trying to take credit for Biden's work?

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Texas Gov Greg Abbott took to Twitter today to make a big announcement.

"BIG NEWS! Just announced a RECORD $85 billion 10-year statewide roadway construction plan. This program is a critical step toward addressing the diverse needs of Texans in rural, urban, & metropolitan communities." Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

Abbott linked to a press release with further information on the $85 billion plan.

The State of Texas is working to ensure the transportation needs of our fast-growing state are met and that the safety of Texans on the roadways is protected," said Governor Abbott. "TxDOT's 2023 Unified Transportation Program is a critical step toward addressing the diverse needs of Texans in rural, urban, and metropolitan communities. This 10-year plan to address transportation needs statewide and dedicate $85 billion to improve roadways will be a huge boon to our state's infrastructure and booming economy. 

While the news was very positive for Texas, it was soon met with criticism from many who accused Abbott of taking credit for President Joe Biden's work.

Houston teen activist Olivia Julianna, an outspoken critic of Abbott, replied to the Texas Governor, "Omfg. This is literally because of the Biden infrastructure plan. You're literally so full of crap. YOU didn't do anything."

This sentiment was shared by the Mothers Against Greg Abbott, who also commented on Abbott's announcement.

"Let's make one thing crystal clear. This money came from the Biden Infrastructure plan that every single Texas Republican voted against, but here's this guy trying to get credit, so people in rural Texas vote for him."

Abbott is a fierce critic of President Biden, so perhaps it's no surprise that there was no mention of Biden in today's press release.

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Do you think Abbott should acknowledge Biden and his infrastructure plan in the press release? Or are you comfortable with Abbott taking credit for this project?

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