Texas has spent $12.7 million bussing migrants to other states

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"The state of Texas has spent more than $12 million busing migrants to Washington, DC, and New York who crossed into the state from Mexico, according to figures CNN obtained from the Texas Division of Emergency Management." CNN News report

Today CNN reporter Polo Sandoval made the startling announcement that since Texas Gov. Greg Abbott started bussing migrants caught illegally entering Texas to Washington D.C and New York City, the cost to Texas has been over $12.7 million.

The exact figure spent until August 9 is $12,707,720.92, which has been paid to Wynne Transportation, the charter service taking migrants to the two cities. The cost amounts to approximately $1400 per migrant.

Greg Abbott has said the strategy to send migrants north is required as President Joe Biden isn't securing the border effectively.

"Most of America didn't understand the magnitude of the problem we had at the border until we started sending these buses up to New York...If all Americans saw what we see every single day, that would put pressure on the President like we have been doing to change the President's policies." Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

Abbott has admitted that the strategy will cost the Texan taxpayer.

"Because (President) Joe Biden is not securing the border, the state of Texas is having to step up and spend Texas taxpayers' money doing the federal government's job," Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

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Do you believe that the $12.7 million spent by Abbott is justified and required due to the lack of action by President Biden? Or do you believe it wastes Texas taxpayers' money that could be better spent elsewhere?

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