Abbott says, "the border crisis is not a Texas problem, it's an American problem."

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"The border crisis is not a Texas problem, it's an American problem caused by the President of the United States of America. Americans now see what Texas deals with daily due to Biden's failure to address it. Joe Biden must do his job & secure our border." Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

As the crisis at the southern border of Texas continues, the current Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, appeared on Fox News to again lay the blame for the situation on President Joe Biden.

Abbott, who continues to end illegal migrants caught at the border to New York City, wants Biden to do more.

Abbott believes that sending buses of migrants to other states is attracting national attention and alerting Americans to the situation in Texas.

"Most of America didn't understand the magnitude of the problem we had at the border until we started sending these buses up to New York...If all Americans saw what we see every single day, that would put pressure on the President like we have been doing to change the President's policies." Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

On the other hand, President Biden believes that his administration is doing its best to maintain border control and security.

“We’ve had a major anti-smuggling operation underway..targeting human smugglers who traffic in people, drugs and weapons. We’ve deployed 1,300 additional personnel, conducted 20,000 disruption operations, and we’ve made over 3,000 arrests, all since April.” President Joe Biden

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