These billionaires are all backing Texas Gov Abbott

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Greg Abbott is currently in a race with Democrat opponent Beto O'Rourke for Texas Governor.

Not only are they competing in the polls, but also for campaign funds. Last month it was revealed that Beto had broken fundraising records and had accumulated $40 million in funds, $4 million more than Abbott.

This surprised many, as Abbott traditionally had many Texan billionaires' backing him. His roster is full of rich donors, many with oil interests.

Let's take a look at the billionaires backing Abbott.

Abbott's billionaires

While most of the billionaires backing Abbott are Texans, he does have support from outside Texas, such as Las Vegas casino owner Steve Wynn.

So far, three people have donated $1 million; Kelcy Warren, Kenny Trout, and Javaid Anwar. However, according to Forbes, Anwar doesn't appear on the list below as he isn't a billionaire.

Paul Foster, the only billionaire in El Paso, the hometown of Beto, has also contributed heavily to Abbott's campaign.

Another interesting donation is from San Antonio billionaire Christopher "Kit" Goldsbury Junior. Despite being worth almost $2 billion, he donated just $1000 to the Abbott campaign.

The list

Figures were obtained through Texas Ethics Commission, Ballotpedia, and Forbes.

Your thoughts

What do you think of these donations? Would you prefer these billionaires to donate to worthy charities and needy organizations? Where do you think their wealth should go?

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