Abbott says, "Biden’s open border policies have deadly consequences."

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"More migrants have died on the U.S. side of the southern border in the LAST 9 MONTHS than in any full year in our nation’s history. Pres. Biden’s open border policies have deadly consequences. It’s time he does his job to secure the border & save lives." Texas Gov Greg Abbott

The eyes of America are on Texas at the moment as Texas Gov Greg Abbott continues to bus migrants from the southern border of Texas to Washington D.C and New York City.

Despite criticism from the mayors of both cities, Abbott believes this is the best strategy to highlight the issue of border security.

Today Abbott took to Twitter to again lay the blame on President Joe Biden.

Abbott linked to an article in the Washington Examiner which compared deaths at the border under Presidents Trump and Biden.

"In 2020, when then-President Donald Trump’s "Remain in Mexico" policy was in full effect, just 247 bodies were recovered by Border Patrol along the southern border. According to internal documents obtained by the Washington Examiner, 609 bodies have been found so far this fiscal year (beginning last Oct. 1) through June, a pace that puts us well on track for more than 700 deaths over a calendar year."

The article claims that the Biden administration "has released a total of over 1.3 million migrants into the country."

Abbott has repeatedly called out Biden on his border strategy and urged him to take action.

"The historic crisis at our southern border is preventable & deserves immediate federal action. Leaders across our nation must call on President Biden to do his job & secure the border." Texas Gov Greg Abbott

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What are your views on the situation? Do you agree with Abbott's strategy to bus migrants to NYC and D.C.? Do you think President Biden should do more at the southern border?

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