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Beto's new ad says, "a child volunteering to die for you is not something you ever forget."

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A child volunteering to die for you is not something you ever forget. I can’t stop thinking about it.”

Democrat nominee for Texas Gov, Beto O'Rourke, launched his latest political advertisement on Tuesday, and once again, it was focused on the issue of gun control and the safety of students and teachers at school.

The ad focuses on the harrowing story of Houston-area special education teacher Nick Morgan.

Morgan recalls that three days after the tragic shooting that occurred at a school in Uvalde, he was told to place his classroom in lockdown.

"That was probably the beginning of one of the more traumatic parts of my entire life. Once we got word there was a person with a weapon outside of our campus; I had a group of ninth-grade boys barricade our door. We turned off all the lights and crawled into a corner." Nick Morgan

At first, Morgan thought it was a drill but soon realized there was a serious threat, and the classroom remained in lockdown for several hours.

Fearing the worst, Morgan texted his loved ones.

"Please take care of my daughter and my son. I'm so scared.' Nick Morgan

The emotional video is the latest by Beto, who has been very critical of Abbott's response to gun control and the safety of school children.

"Democrats, Republicans, and independents agree on commonsense steps to reduce gun violence. Now we just need a governor who does too." Beto O'Rourke

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