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Opinion: CPAC in Texas will influence whether Trump runs in 2024

Ash Jurberg

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Today marks the first day of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas. To be held over the next four days at the Hilton Anatole, it will capture not only the attention of attendees in Dallas but also people across the United States.

A lineup of high-profile speakers is scheduled to present, including Texan Senator Ted Cruz, Fox News Host Sean Hannity, Texas Gov Greg Abbott, and outspoken Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Still, all eyes will be on one speaker.

Former President Donald Trump.

Trump will speak on Saturday evening, and if past CPAC speeches are an indication, it is sure to be memorable.

"I think the CPAC speech is unique because it is so inherently tied to the beginning of the campaign season. You kind of don't know what to expect, I know he's got a speech that they're working on." American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp

In addition to Trump giving a keynote speech, his name will appear on a GOP presidential nomination straw poll ballot at CPAC. The list will contain the names of 21 Republicans considered potential White House candidates in the 2024 election. The app allows everyone attending the CPAC event to vote for their preferred choice.

Other names on the list include Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Sen. Mitt Romney, and Ted Cruz.

A similar straw poll was held at a CPAC event in Orlando in February, and Trump received 59% of the votes, well ahead of Gov DeSantis in second place with 28%.

Trump did drop a hint during his speech at CPAC 2021, also held in Dallas.

"As you know they just lost the White House … but who knows, who knows, I may even decide to beat them for a third time.” Donald Trump

Speculation continues to rise over whether Trump will announce a presidential run this week in Dallas.

If the straw poll shows a strong preference for Trump again, he may be buoyed by the positive sentiment and make the announcement. On the other hand, a poor showing could dissuade him. Not even his fellow speakers know what he will do.

You're going to have to ask Donald Trump what Donald Trump is going to do, because I can guarantee you right now nobody else is going to know - and he's not asking anybody else for permission.” North Texas U.S. Representative Beth Van Duyne

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