Senator says: Texas Gov Abbott didn't attend a single funeral of the 21 people killed in Uvalde

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"I don't want this to sound like some political assault on him, but at the end of the day he hasn't been there since Day 5, when the president came... We had a failed response on giving resources to families. He did not go to one single funeral—and quite honestly, many of the families didn't want him there." Texas State Sen. Roland Gutierrez, who represents Uvalde

Texas State Sen. Roland Gutierrez, who represents Uvalde, told MSNBC in an interview today that current Texas Gov Greg Abbott didn't attend a single funeral for any of the victims who died in the Uvalde tragedy.

Gutierrez says that while Abbott attended a public vigil in Uvalde on May 29, five days after the tragedy occurred in the small Texas town, he has not visited the city since.

This is in contrast to Abbott's Democrat opponent in the Texas Governor November election, Beto O'Rourke. He was recently praised by the father of one of the victims.

"We've had Beto O'Rourke coming to our private meeting to fight with us. He marched with us. That means something to us. The fact that you're reaching out just to see how we're doing means something to us." Angel Garza, father of 10-year-old victim Amerie Jo Garza

Garza was very critical of Gov Abbott, stating that Abbott hadn't made contact with him.

The Mayor of Uvalde, Don McLauglin, has said he has asked Abbott numerous times to return to Uvalde to speak with grieving family members.

After the MSNBC interview with Sen Gutierrez, social media quickly jumped on the fact that Abbott didn't attend any of the Uvalda funerals. The post below immediately went viral as Texans shared and commented on the tweet.

Readers, what do you think? Should Abbott have visited Uvalde since May? Do you think he has a responsibility to attend the funerals of victims? Or do you believe he made the right decision to stay away?

Please leave your comments below.

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