County officials dispel social media rumor of serial killer on the loose

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There is a text and social media post making the rounds and creating some fear around the area. At this point, we have no information nor reason to believe there is a serial killer on the loose in Kerr County. Bandera and Real Counties are currently working 3 missing persons cases that have made local media reports, but evidence of a connection has not emerged. Alarming posts or texts can have unintended consequences due to the fear that is created. Such disinformation can cause real problems for readers and law enforcement. We encourage you to follow vetted and official sources, including law enforcement social media and approved press releases

Officials from the Kerr County Sheriff's office have been forced to dispel rumors circulating on social media of a serial killer on the loose.

People across Kerr County, which is 90 miles northeast of San Antonio, had received text and social messages warning them of a potential serial killer in the area. Understandably the messages caused concern in the community, but police quickly reassured residents.

Labeling the rumors as 'fake news,' the police reminded people to check local news reports as well as official press releases and social media posts from the Kerr County Sheriff's office. Although San Antonio is 90 miles from Kerrville, some people in San Antonio reported receiving the warning texts.

Readers, did any of you receive messages over the weekend warning of a potential threat in the area? How did you react to it?

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