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The haunted railroad tracks of San Antonio. Did you dare to stop there?

Ash Jurberg
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I first visited San Antonio almost ten years ago.

I had come to visit my girlfriend, and she insisted we visit a disused rail track. Honestly, this didnt sound very interesting at all, so I asked her why on earth it was worth checking out.

"It's haunted. Let me get some talcum powder and show you," she replied.

Now I was interested.

The haunted railroad tracks of San Antonio

The haunted railroad tracks are located south of San Antonio, close to the San Juan Mission, at the intersection of Villamain and Shane.

The story goes that in the late 1930s, a school bus full of children being driven by a nun, stalled on the tracks at the Villmain/Shane intersection. Unfortunately, at the same time, a train, which curiously had no headlamp, approached. Just before impact, the nun managed to start the stalled bus, but it was too late.

While the nun was thrown through the windshield and survived, the 30 children on board all died.

The grief-stricken nun returned to the scene a few weeks later and parked her car on the tracks. As she waited for a train to approach, she heard the children's voices, and the car began to move across the tracks as if being pushed forward.

Seconds later, a train roared past. The ghosts of the dead children had saved the nun's life.

My visit

After being told the story, we drove to the tracks, armed with talcum powder.

We parked on the tracks, poured the powder on the car, and waited. And waited. Unfortunately, we weren't pushed, and I felt I had been pranked. But my girlfriend insisted that when she had tried this in the past with her high school friends, the ghosts had appeared and pushed her car.

I said I believed her, but I did have some doubts. And it seems that many others also do, as there seems to be debate around the truth of this story. There are YouTube videos of people's cars mysteriously moving, and many people in San Antonio swear they have heard ghosts there. The doubters say that the cause of cars rolling is just gravity.

Whether the story is true or has just been passed on for generations, I admit it made for a fun thing to do in San Antonio.

Readers, have you visited these haunted railroad tracks? Did you feel any paranormal activity? Or do you think it's just an urban legend?

Please leave your comments below.

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San Antonio, TX

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