The border crisis: Bexar County sheriff invites Biden to Texas

Ash Jurberg
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Just a couple of weeks after the devastating tragedy of 53 immigrants found dead in a truck in San Antonio; frustration is growing over the Texas/Mexico border situation.

Today Bexar County sheriff Javier Salazar met with key U.S. Department of Homeland Security staff to discuss his concerns about immigration and migrants crossing the border illegally. He also invited Biden to Texas to come and review the situation personally.

The meeting was organized after Salazar sent several letters to President Biden saying that the current plan "wasn't working." Salazar has also been critical of Gov Abbott and the approach that he is taking to the border.

“We’re seeing it every day. We’re dealing with it every day...We know that we’re only catching a small percentage of what is being smuggled through human lives. And these cartels are just making money hand over fist. What we’re doing now is only endangering lives and enriching these cartels. We need to find a better way of doing it. Well, that’s what I’m asking the federal government to do. I mean, me as the local sheriff, as much as I’d love to help, we just need more resources. You know, I don’t agree with the approach that the state is currently taking, so I don’t think that’s the proper place for me to be asking for resources from. I’m asking from the federal government and we will see what happens with that.”

Coincidentally, Salazar also announced on Facebook that he had tested positive for COVID today and would be working from home.

Readers, what do you think needs to be done with the border with Mexico? Do you agree with Bexar Country sheriff Salazar that it isn't working? Or do you agree with the current security that Biden has in place? Do you think Gov Abbott should be doing more?

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