These are the top 9 highest paid state employees in Texas

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How much do Texas state employees get paid? Where do your tax dollars go?

Well, thanks to the Texas Tribune, you can now find this information out. They publish a database of compensation for Texas state employees as they "believe that disclosing how tax dollars are spent is in the public interest."

The database lists all 137,437 Texas state employees across 112 agencies. The median salary is $45.490. While Texas Gov Greg Abbott earns well above the median salary, he is nowhere near the top of this list. His annual salary is $153,570, the same as Attorney General Ken Paxton.

So who are the highest-paid Texas state employees? Let's take a look.

The highest-paid Texas state employee is Michelle Lebeau. She is the Chief Scientific Officer of the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas. Her annual salary is $608,850. In second place is the Chief Investment Officer of the Teacher Retirement System, Jase Auby, with a salary of $550,000.

In fact, the Teacher Retirement System seems to be the agency to work for if you are looking for a good salary, with fifteen of the top twenty highest-paid Texas state employees working there.

The rest of the top nine, according to the database, are:

3. Eric Lang
Senior Managing Director, Teacher Retirement System. Salary $414,999

4. Kimberly Carey
Investment Director, Teacher Retirement System. Salary $408,000

5. Brain Guthrie
Executive Director, Teacher Retirement System. Salary $399,999

6. David Veal
Director of Investments, Employee Retirement System. Salary: $395,000

7. Mikhael Rawls
Investment Manager, Employee Retirement System. Salary: $387,991

8. Barney Timmins
Chief Investment Officer, Texas Education Agency. Salary: $384,375

9. Dale West
Senior Managing Director, Teacher Retirement System. Salary: $380,000

Readers, what do you think of these salaries?

Do you agree that they should be published, or should they remain confidential? And do you think the salary of Greg Abbott is fair in comparison?

Please leave your comments below.

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