This Missouri man wants to give away $1 billion

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Over the last month, I have written a series of articles on business leaders, celebrities, and entrepreneurs who have been giving back to the community. I like to spread good news stories, and readers enjoy these uplifting articles.

Today I wanted to shine the spotlight on a man who was born and raised in Missouri and wants to give away $1 billion.

That man is Jack Dorsey- let's examine his story.

The Missouri billionaire

Jack Dorsey was born in St.Louis, Missouri, in 1976.

He attended a private Roman Catholic high school in St. Louis, Bishop DuBourg High School, before enrolling at the University of Missouri–Rolla. However, he only completed two years there before transferring to New York University.

While he didn't graduate from NYU, he did come up with the idea that would make him a billionaire- an idea that would evolve into Twitter.

Twitter has since become one of the world's most popular sites and has made Dorsey a fortune. And now he is giving a lot of this fortune away.


In 2020, Dorsey made a pledge to give away $1 billion. These funds would be transferred into a venture called StartSmall venture to benefit projects focused on Covid-19 relief, girls’ health and education, and universal basic income. 

I live by the principle of everything is connected, so if someone is in pain, I’m in pain, ultimately, over time. I want to make sure that I’m doing whatever I can in my lifetime to help that through my companies’ works, through my own personal giving.” Jack Dorsey

And since making the pledge, he has been doing his best to make this true. Last year alone, Dorsey gave away almost $725 million.

And when Dorsey sees a project he likes- he acts fast; just ask George McGraw, the head of the Navajo Water Project, which connects indigenous people to water sources.

He had one phone conversation with Dorsey’s team and received $1 million.

Within a few hours, we had an answer. And within a few days, the money was in the account. I’ve never seen anything like this.” George McGraw, the head of the Navajo Water Project.

One of Dorsey's first major donations was to his home state of Missouri. In March 2016, Dorsey fully funded projects at 600 Missouri public schools. None of those projects would have been undertaken if not for Dorsey's generosity.

Other major donations made by Dorsey include:

Readers, what do you think of Jack Dorsey's promise to give away $1 billion. What organizations in Missouri would you like to see him support?

Please leave your comments below.

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