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The Atlanta billionaire giving away his fortune

Ash Jurberg

I have been writing a series of articles focusing on billionaires.

Many of these showcase their rise to extreme fortune, but readers always ask what these people do to give back to the community.

So today, I thought we could take a look at the Atlanta billionaire who is giving away his fortune.

The Atlanta billionaire giving away his fortune

Ted Turner has a net worth of $2.3 billion. That is an impressive amount for the Atlanta resident. But what is even more impressive is the fact that he has given away over $1.4 billion over his lifetime.

Of course, Turner is largely known as the Atlanta-based Cable News Network (CNN) founder.

Turner first started working at the age of 12 for his father's billboard company, Turner Advertising. His father committed suicide when Turner was 25, and he rebranded the firm as Turner Broadcasting.

He eventually sold Turner to Time Warner for $7.3 billion in stock in 1996. Turner has also been an owner of the Atlanta Braves baseball team and the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise.


Turner's first big pledge was in 1998 when he completed a $1 billion pledge to establish the United Nations Foundation, enabling the U.N. to raise money from philanthropists.

The UN is vital to the future of humanity. We would not have made it through the Cold War without it. We need an international body where countries can work out differences and collaborate to find global solutions to global problems.”

He then established the Turner Foundation, which is focused on environmental protection, which he views as "an effort to ensure the survival of the human species."

It also helps bring in the new generation of philanthropists, as it allows Ted to "collaborate with his five children and his grandchildren, and discuss with them the ways in which they all can become and remain responsible philanthropists and environmentalists."

Ted Turner has also signed the Giving Pledge, in which he promises to give away the majority of his fortune while he is still alive.

Looking back, if I had to live my life over, there are things I would do differently, but the one thing I would not change is my charitable giving. I'm particularly thankful for my father's advice to set goals so high that they can't possibly be achieved during a lifetime and to give help where help is needed most.

Readers, what do you think of Ted Turner's commitment to charity?

Would you like to see more done in Atlanta? What suggestions would you like to give to Turner?

Please leave your comments below.

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