The youngest billionaire in Florida

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A report released by Forbes this week listed all the billionaires in the world.

In total, there are 2,688 billionaires globally, 785 of them living in the United States. Miami is home to the third-largest amount of billionaires, with 78.

But of all these billionaires, only one can lay claim to being the youngest in Florida. So let's take a look at the youngest billionaire in Florida.

The youngest billionaire in Florida

The person with the title of the youngest billionaire in Florida is 27-year-old Ryan Breslow. He has a current net worth of $2 billion.

“I live a monk lifestyle. It’s amazing what you can get done if you remove distractions.” Ryan Breslow

While he was in high school, Ryan built E-commerce sites for businesses of all sizes. It was during this time that he realized some of the shortcomings of the online commerce space, and he vowed to build a better alternative.

This led to Bolt, a one-click checkout for websites. Breslow dropped out of Stanford in 2014 to launch Bolt, which promises to "boost sales and conversions by narrowing the gap between browsing and buying."

Since its launch, Bolt has raised $1.3 billion for Bolt in investment, expanded internationally into Europe and Asia, and grown by more than 1000 team members and 300+ retailers. It is now valued at $11 billion. He also implemented a four-day week for Bolt employees.

Breslow, who lives in Miami, practices yoga and meditation and leads a quiet lifestyle- not what you would expect from a 27-year-old billionaire.

He is also a big fan of dance, and in March 2021, he formed his non-profit, The Movement, which provides free dance classes for people throughout Miami.

Readers, what do you think of Ryan Breslow's rise to success?

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