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5 Things I Missed About San Antonio During My 2 Years Away

Ash Jurberg
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It took me two years to return home to San Antonio.

I'm Australian, and my wife is from San Antonio, and we divide our time between the two places. However, when COVID hit in early 2020, Australia closed its borders, and we could not travel.

After 22 long months, the border reopened, and we were able to come back to San Antonio. We had missed our family and friends, but there were several other things I had missed.

Many of these I had taken for granted before, something that I won't do again.

1. Tacos

OK- this may be an obvious one. I have been in many debates over which city has the best tacos- Austin or San Antonio, but both cities have far better tacos than what we could find in Australia. My wife did her best to recreate some of our favorite tacos, but unfortunately, they weren't quite the same.

2. Good weather

I loved the weather we had over Christmas and New Year. Wearing shorts on New Year's Eve felt right to me. While I spoke to friends in the Northeast complaining of huge snowfalls and freezing conditions, I laughed and enjoyed another beer in the warm San Antonio sun.

3. Cheap tequila

Here is a quick confession. Until I met my wife, I wasn't a fan of tequila. But now, a nightly margarita is part of our schedule. The one problem is that liquor in Australia is very expensive. I know Mexico has cheaper tequila than San Antonio, but I'll take the prices we have here any day over what I had to pay the last two years.

4. Friendly neighbors

Since we returned and the weather has been so great, I have done a lot of walking around San Antonio. It's great exercise and proves to me how friendly people are here. Every single person has a big smile and waves hello as we pass. It's something that isn't that common in cities around the world, and I love that people here are so friendly.

5. No traffic

I feel like I can get from one side of San Antonio to the other with minimal traffic. Even peak hour seems a breeze to where I have lived previously. And it's certainly a million times better than Austin traffic.

These may all seem like simple things but when you have bad tacos, cold weather, expensive tequila, and bad traffic for two years - believe me, you really miss them all.

San Antonio- I'm glad to be back,

Readers, what do you think? Have you moved away from San Antonio and found yourself longing for something back home? What have you missed the most?

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