Gov Abbott guarantees Texas power grid is more reliable this winter

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We all remember the severe winter storm that hit Texas in February, which knocked out power to more than two million people. The cold caused energy demand in Texas to hit a record winter high, and the power grid couldn't meet the energy demands of Texans.

At the time, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (Ercot), which oversees the state’s power grid, told the Dallas Morning News that Texas was just seconds away from a complete blackout. Ercot issued rolling blackouts across the state to keep the demand under capacity to avoid this. Despite this, many people went without power for days.

So as Texas heads into another winter, many people are questioning whether the power grid will stand up to demand this year.

Texas Gov Greg Abbott has repeatedly reassured Texans that it will.

I have talked to some of the natural gas pipeline transmitters, and they’ve also have been doing winterization that most people don’t know about. Most importantly is the approach ERCOT has taken this year, unlike last year. Last year they were reactive and waited until a crisis mode before they summoned more power, more energy; now, the way ERCOT works is they work days in advance in summoning that power to make sure they will have enough power to keep the lights on.” Texas Gov Greg Abbott

Today Gov Abbott tweeted that the power grid is "more resilient and reliable this winter."

In recent interviews, Abbott has continually pushed his confidence in the Texas power grid.

I signed 12 new laws after that storm to make sure our power grid is resilient and reliable and stable, even during the harshest of winter storms. Action has been taken already to make sure that it is accomplished. In fact, I learned in an update earlier today when I met, once again, the chairman for the Public Utilities Commission, and he assures me that the power grid will be ready for the winter storm.  Gov Greg Abbott

One person who doesn't have the same faith as Abbott is his opponent for Governor- Beto O'Rourke. He posted that, "Abbott is betting our lives on the weather."

He later criticized Abbott at an event in Austin, saying, " We've got a governor who does not trust the people of this state. He did not trust those in Texas who warned him if we do not weatherize the grid if we do not hold those power companies, CEOs, and gas supply CEOs accountable, then we might very well lose the ability to keep one another alive."

The Texas power grid is sure to be a hot topic over winter, not only for Texans hoping that it will withstand increased demand but also for the two leading candidates campaigning for Texas Governor.

Readers, what do you think? Are you confident that the Texas power grid is more reliable, and we won't be without power this winter? Or do you think more action is needed?

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